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Character List

Bon Qui-Qui

Nick ???Train???

Mr. Jones

Mrs. Jones

Kenyatta- best friend of Bon Qui-Qui and Train??™s on and off girlfriend

Rashaad- best friend of Train and Bon Qui-Qui??™s ex boyfriend.

School Nurse


Act 1, Scene 1 [That evening Bon Qui-Qui goes to a party and meets ???train???]

Bon Qui-Qui: [knocks on the door and waits for someone to answer]

Nick: [opens door for a girl] [looks up and down in amazement] damn shawty what yo name is

Bon Qui-Qui: Bon Qui-Qui

Nick: oh, my name Nick but everybody call me train

Bon Qui-Qui: [snaps] okay train [says smiling]

[Train introduces her to everybody]

Train: This right here is my man Rashaad

Qui-Qui: yea, I know him, we USED to go together

Rashaad: hey Qui-Qui, how you doin [Says smiling]

Qui-Qui: [Rolls her eyes with an attitude] I??™m fine

Rashaad: you know if you keep rollin your eyes like that they gonna get stuck.

[Train laughs][Bon Qui-Qui looks at him]

Qui-Qui: what the hell are you laughin at

Train: nothing. Let me introduce you to my other friend??¦

[Bon Qui-Qui interrupts him]

Bon Qui-Qui: is that Kenyatta!![She says with excitement]

Train: [Putting his arm around her and leading her to Kenyatta] yea

Kenyatta: hey girl how you been

Qui-Qui: man I ain??™t been doin nothing just hanging out

Kenyatta: [gets a call on her cell phone] Okay mom??¦ okay I??™ll be outside in a minute. [Pauses] well girl I gotta go my mom is actin crazy.

Qui-Qui: okay, well I??™ll see you at school Monday.

Kenyatta: okay bye [stops as she??™s about to walk out the door] do you need a ride

[As Bon Qui-Qui is about to answer train interrupts]

Train: no, I??™ll take her home

Kenyatta: okay, but that??™s like my sister so be nice

Train: you already know that I??™m not like that anymore. Are you ready to go home

Qui-Qui: yea

Train: Alright let??™s go

End of Scene 1

Act 1, Scene 2 [Train and Bon Qui-Qui are sitting in the car in-front of Qui-Qui??™s house it??™s around 2 in the morning]

Qui-Qui: Thanks for driving me home, I really appreciate it

Train: No, problem shawty

[Train lets Qui-Qui out of the car and they both walk up to her front porch]

Qui-Qui: do you want to come in

Train: your parents??™ home

Qui-Qui: No

Train: Alright I guess I can come in

Scene 2, the Next Morning [Mr. Jones is at the table reading the paper and Mrs. Jones is cooking breakfast]

Mrs. Jones: Good morning, how was the party

Qui-Qui: It was good, I met a guy there

Mr. Jones: WHO [Saying it kind of angrily]

Qui-Qui: his name is train

Mr. Jones: Train What??™s his real name

Qui-Qui: his name is Nick

Mrs. Jones: I heard you guys upstairs last night

Qui-Qui: See what had happened was??¦..

Mrs. Jones: don??™t give me no damn excuses

Qui-Qui: don??™t act like ya??™ll weren??™t doin the same thing

Mr. and Mrs. Jones: But we??™re adults and we??™re married

Qui-Qui: [yelling] mom I??™m 16 I??™m old enough to make my own decisions!

Mr. Jones: Well if you??™re so grown then you can go out get a job and then get your own place

Qui-Qui: I??™m good

Mr. Jones: that??™s what I thought. What are you planning to do today

Qui-Qui: actually I was going to hang back out with train

Mrs. Jones: Just be careful remember practice safe!

Qui-Qui: What do you think I??™m going to do!

Mr. Jones: well I know what you AIN??™T going to do

Qui-Qui: [rolls her eyes] what ever

Mr. Jones: you better stop rolling your eyes at me like you crazy!

END of scene 2

Act 1, Scene 3 [it??™s been two weeks since the party and Qui-Qui hasn??™t been feeling well]

Kenyatta: Hey girl, I haven??™t seen you since the party, so what went down with you and Train

Qui-Qui: Nothing except??¦??¦

Kenyatta: Except what Did you guys??¦. You know!

Qui-Qui: Yea and I think that I might be pregnant

Kenyatta: what do you mean you THINK Do you need me to drive you to the corner store

Qui-Qui: Yea, you know just to make sure that I??™m not

Kenyatta: but what if you are

Qui-Qui: I don??™t know, and then I guess I have to tell train. I mean it is his

Kenyatta: alright let??™s go [grabs the car keys and they??™re on their way to the corner store]

Cashier: Welcome to Rite Aid, please let me know if I can be of any service??™s to you.

Qui-Qui: okay thanks

[she goes down and looks for where the pregnancy test??™ are, grabs one pays for it and leaves]

Kenyatta: did you get the test

Qui-Qui: yea

Kenyatta: did you use it yet

Qui-Qui: [sarcastically] oh yea you know because they really have a bathroom in Rite Aid

Kenyatta: Sorry just asking

Qui-Qui: Can we go to your house, because my parents are home and I don??™t want them to know

Kenyatta: but weren??™t they home when you guys??¦.. You know??¦. Did IT

Qui-Qui: yea but they don??™t know that his condom broke

Kenyatta: oh, well sure we can go to my house

[back at Kenyatta??™s house, it??™s around 2 in the afternoon and their waiting for the pregnancy test results]

Qui-Qui: Oh my god!!!

Kenyatta: What What does it say

Qui-Qui: how am I going to tell my parents

Kenyatta: what did the test say

Qui-Qui: damn it Kenyatta I??™m pregnant

Kenyatta: WOW, I guess it sucks to be you

Qui-Qui: this is not funny!! What am I going to tell my parents and train

Kenyatta: well we should go to your house right now and tell your parents so you can just get it over with