Trip to Florida

A memorable day in my life.

My trip to Florida.

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In 1995, my Mother, Father, and I went to Universal Studio??™s in Florida. For those who don??™t know what universal studios is, it??™s a movie studio that films famous movies such as Jaws, Back to the future, and Beethoven. It was the greatest time and most memorable time in my life, we was on the road headed to Universal studios. It took approximately 8 hours to Drive to our destination which was a very long and boring ride, due to all the excitement that I was feeling about going to Florida for my first time. Universal Studio??™s is very large with different attractions. As we walked through the park, I was able to see a lot of different props from movies. For Example, ???Jurassic Park??? This store had some props from the movie, Clothes that were worn by characters from the movie, they also had a display of the dinosaur eggs that was shown in the incubator in the movie, and the sick triceratops that the female doctor was tending to in the movie. I was so amazed at the props that I saw at this location.

The Next attraction that I went to was ???Back to the Future??? Some of the props here included the Train that was used in the 3rd movie for time travel and the The DeLorean car on display. They also had a ???Back to the Future??? ride. This ride was amazing, but the waiting line was unbelievable. Once we finally were able to get to the ride it was so amazing. The ride was a motion simulator with the cars located under a Dome screen. Each of the cars within the ride had things that made it rise, fall and tilt, following the motion on the screen. The motion and the visual input from the screen images combined to make you feel as if in The movie. The Ride started out with the character Doc giving an introduction for what to be prepared for. Then we went through different time eras. This ride was awesome. Sadly the ride closed on March 30th 2007.

Our next Attraction was a boat ride from the movie ???JAWS???. The ride starts out with your captain giving a tour around the lagoon, as the captain is talking about the different locations that you are going by, you can hear a shriek come from the radio. As we approached the corner, we saw some debre from a damaged boat. A few seconds later, a shark comes above the water at a distance, the crew on the boat starts to point out at the shark, just as it disappears back under the water, then a few seconds later the shark appears right next to the boat again, as it comes out of the water to take a bite out of the boat. Our captain see??™s a grenade launcher and checks to see if it is loaded, and then takes aim at the shark, and pulls the trigger, The effects of an explosion happens which caused a lot of smoke and a foul smell and after the smokes clears you see, charred remains of the shark appearing in the water. The ride comes to an end after that. It was pretty cool.
As our day came to an end we was able to watch a boat stunt show and after the stunt show was complete, just before closing the studio down, a firework display was shown off. There was a lot of excitement in this studio, fun sounds, and stunts. Seeing the studio upclose gives you more respect for actors and actresses, and gives you more respect for film makers as well, they sure do put in a lot of time, and hard work in making movies. It was an awesome experience and very educational as well, This is the most fun I??™ve had in my life, I recommend that you should check out universal studios, it??™s well worth it.